Real street fight in Woolwich UK with brutal beating

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Woolwich UK Street Beating

Group of lads beat the fuck out of one guy but fail to notice after when they are caught on CCTV bragging to each other what they just did.

Detectives investigating the assault of a young man in Hare Street Woolwich have released CCTV footage of four youths they wish to speak with.

The four youths are later seen on CCTV getting into a communal lift and re-enacting the assault as they wait for the lift doors to open.

At approximately 3pm on Wednesday 28 October, officers on patrol discovered a 23-year-old man next to a garage forecourt with cuts to his head and legs.

The victim was taken to a south London hospital and later discharged after receiving nine stitches above his right eye and eight to the two cuts on his left leg.

Suspects caught laughing on CCTV following brutal assault

The CCTV release by detectives shows the victim walking in the street before a group of men run out of a Barber’s shop – with their hoods up – and chase him down the street before punching and kicking him to the ground.

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