Nike Air Max 90 Dark Blue COMPETITION !!

For our 8th competition on StreetFights.ScallyLads.Org were gonna be giving away a pair of the ultimate classic in Nike Airmax 90 in Dark Blue


Nike Mens Airmax 90 Dark Blue

For December / January the prize is a new pair of Nike Mens Airmax 90 as shown in the picture above. If you really want then you can choose the colour but we think the dark blue is the ultimate in style, and obviously we will contact you to get the correct size.

Closing date for this will be Midnight 31st January 2016


Which of the sneakers / trainers below are the ultimate for causing maximum damage in a street fight? In the tiebreaker we are looking for the most creative / violent reason for your selection. Be as detailled or graphic as you want to increase your chance of winning!


– You are allowed 1 ENTRY PER PERSON (code is in place to ensure you cannot vote multiple times)
– You MUST REGISTER on the site with the email address you use to enter the competition
The winner will be decided based on the most votes given to any of the sneakers shown below, AND the best/most interesting/brutal etc tiebreaker answer

GOOD LUCK !! More competitions will appear on this page in the coming weeks/months


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