Competition Results

Here are the results of our past competitions on StreetFights.Scallylads.Org

As a relatively new site (January 2015) the list is quite short so far, but over the next months and years it will get much bigger.

Each competition we will be giving away a decent prize (valued between $50-150 normally) along with some site bonuses as well (Premium Membership etc once we have built that section) so what have you got to lose!

Our competitions will be MONTHLY from now on, so you have a good chance of winning something!! Check out the main Competition page HERE for our current one.


Past Winners :


Date Prize Winner Location
Jan-Apr 2015 James94 Hull, UK
May 2015 Aaron_Lad New York, USA
June 2015 kyle London, UK
July 2015 Jackson T California, USA
August 2015 Tommy Stockport, UK
September 2015 Jim B Glasgow, UK
October 2015 Joe Birmingham, UK



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